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Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes for Aquariums

Lily pipes or clear hose pipes as commonly known, transparent elegant pipes have increasingly become preferable for even a common aquarium hobbyist now a days. The pipes that comes out of the box in a canister filter doesn’t provide the aesthetic beauty, flow control or, the desired throw.

What are lily pipes?

Lily pipes (common name) are clear inflow and outflow pipes attached to a canister filter hose, that provides controlled flow inside and aquarium without losing a lot of co2 and also, adds to the beauty of the nature aquarium.

What makes aquario neo flow a hit in India?

Aquario’s revolutionary pipe sets provides a perfect solution to a long drawn problem that most of the aquarists faced – breaking glass lily pipes during maintenance.

Aquario neo flow and neo flow premium are made of patented plastic material that does not break and intact they can be bent! Aquario neo flow doesn’t fade or develop yellow coloration over period of time. It’s also really easy to attached aquario neo flow to canister hose pipes and worry free to remove them for regular maintenance.

In India, neo flow normal comes at a price range of 2999 and neo flow premium with skimmer and reliver ranges about 3999.

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