LEDSTAR AQ J Aquarium Led Lights First Review

hello friends today we are gonna have a look at the new led system that has come to india- it’s from ledstar.
Ledstar is a new led system brand which has come to light up Indian aquarium hobby and for the first time we have got their j series of lights to india. Today we are going to have a look at their j90 series it’s called aq j90 it fits in for a 90p tank.

The tank that we are putting it on, is a 90cm tank and it’s one of the first tank that we set up in our gallery. it has taken quite a bit of hit, you know we try all sort of lights on this tank new plants we try new bio medias in this tank but still it’s going strong . When we initially set up we had a full spectrum white light onto this , then we set up azure lights then we tried weekaqua led on this then chihiros lights and now , we have set up the new ledstar light.

To give you the initial impressions of this light as you can see it’s a quite slim light for the output that it’s giving.

The light is not force cooled it has got quite a sturdy and heavy aluminum sink to take care of the heating and talking about few technical facts you know it’s trends the max uh about 100 watts it has got a lumens flex of about about 6480 6500 approximately

. the light also comes with app control you have a very similar app like maichiro’s app for led star where you can have some presets you can have sunrise sunset you can set your timers onto that. also out of the box they give two hanging kits which is like the side mounts that they give and that’s the only thing that we don’t like so far on this light it’s quite clumsy

now that we have just installed this light i’ll kind of give you the first impressions. the light is really really sturdy it’s heavy and it’s output also we are super happy with, for the price point that they are offering. we don’t see any light dead spots inside the tank so i would say it’s a really good light so far the first impression we got to give some time to test the results we can control rgb and also they have given a line of full spectrum white lights which also can be controlled with the app.

well one more common question that we receive is can we use any kind of you know hanging kit for lights for led star quite like chiros you can’t use any other hanging kit onto this because of the peculiar design that they have given you’ll have to buy a specific hang kit which goes on to this light provided by led star however the hanging stand uh that you got to mount on the tank or the cabinet you can have a custom made one but the rope kit will have to buy led star one well for any lights we get a couple of common questions one is the price point second one is the warranty talking about warranty we have got two years of warranty for led star in india talking about price for the features and the output that this light is initially showing it’s a really good bet and we also feel that it might be a notch down compared to wrgb2 but still for a 45 centimeter depth tank you should do really really really good we will get you definitely the reviews of these slides from this particular tank but until then

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