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Staurogyne Repens: The Versatile Groundcover for Your Aquascape

Staurogyne Repens: The Versatile Groundcover for Your Aquascape


Staurogyne Repens, often referred to as Star Repens, is a captivating aquatic plant known for its adaptability and ability to create stunning carpets or bushes in aquariums. Its vibrant green foliage and unique growth patterns make it a favorite among aquascapers. Let’s dive into the world of Staurogyne Repens and discover its secrets.

Plant Facts

  • Scientific Name: Staurogyne Repens
  • Common Names: Star Repens
  • Origin: South America
  • Growth Habit: Carpeting or bush-like, depending on lighting conditions
  • Size: Typically reaches 1-3 inches in height
  • Appearance: Small, round, bright green leaves on creeping stems

Care Guide

Staurogyne Repens is relatively easy to care for, but it thrives under specific conditions:

  • Lighting: Moderate to high lighting is essential for optimal growth and carpeting. Lower light may lead to leggy growth.
  • Substrate: A nutrient-rich substrate is beneficial for healthy growth and spreading.
  • Water Parameters: Prefers slightly acidic to neutral water with a temperature range of 72-82°F (22-28°C).
  • CO2: CO2 injection is highly recommended to promote faster growth and lush carpeting.
  • Nutrients: Regular dosing of liquid fertilizers, especially iron-rich ones, is crucial for vibrant foliage.

Lighting Requirements

High lighting is key to achieving a dense, carpet-like growth pattern with Staurogyne Repens. Insufficient light may result in the plant growing taller with wider spacing between leaves.

Using Staurogyne Repens in Planted Aquariums

Staurogyne Repens is incredibly versatile. It can be used as a foreground plant to create a lush carpet, as a midground accent plant to form small bushes, or even attached to hardscape for a natural look.

Trimming Requirements

Regular trimming is necessary to maintain the desired shape and density. Trim with aquascaping scissors, and don’t be afraid to replant the cuttings to encourage further spreading.

In Conclusion

Staurogyne Repens is a must-have plant for aquascapers seeking versatility and a touch of elegance in their tanks. With proper care and attention to lighting, it can transform your aquarium into a breathtaking underwater landscape.

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