Azur Aqua Systems Ray series of Lights for Planted Aquariums

Made In India. Professional WRGB+ Lights

Illuminate Your Aquatic World with Azur Aqua Lights

The enchanting world of aquariums comes to life under the gentle, shimmering glow of Azur Aqua lights. As dedicated aquarists know, lighting plays a pivotal role in the health and vibrancy of your underwater ecosystem. In this blog post, we’ll explore two remarkable offerings from Azur Aqua Systems—Nova and Beam. Discover how these lighting solutions can transform your aquarium into a captivating aquatic wonderland.

Discover a World of Aquarium Excellence with Azur Aqua

Azur Aqua Nova: Radiant Brilliance


  • Full Spectrum Lighting: The Azur Aqua Nova boasts a full spectrum of light, ensuring your aquatic plants receive the perfect balance of wavelengths needed for photosynthesis.
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, Nova provides exceptional lighting while minimizing power consumption, keeping your energy bills in check.
  • Sleek and Low Profile Design: The Nova’s sleek and low-profile design enhances the aesthetics of your aquarium setup, making it an unobtrusive addition to your aquatic world.


  • Wattage: Available in various wattage options to cater to different aquarium sizes and lighting requirements.
  • Color Temperature: Precisely calibrated to enhance the natural colors of your aquatic inhabitants and plants.
  • Dimmable: Some Nova models offer dimmable settings, allowing you to create the perfect lighting ambiance.

Azur Aqua Beam: Brilliant Intensity


  • High-Intensity LEDs: Azur Aqua Beam is equipped with high-intensity LEDs that illuminate your aquarium with brilliance, promoting healthy plant growth and vibrant fish colors.
  • Customizable: This model often comes with customizable settings, allowing you to adjust light intensity and color temperature to meet your specific aquatic ecosystem’s needs.
  • Optimized Photosynthesis: The Azur Aqua Beam provides the ideal spectrum for photosynthesis, making it an excellent choice for planted aquariums.


  • Wattage: Available in various wattage options to cater to different aquarium sizes and lighting requirements.
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): High CRI ensures your aquatic plants and fish are showcased in their true colors.

Azur Aqua Systems brings a touch of brilliance to your aquatic world with their lighting solutions. Whether you opt for the versatile Azur Aqua Nova or the high-intensity Azur Aqua Beam, you’re investing in the health and vibrancy of your aquarium’s inhabitants. These lighting systems provide the perfect balance of spectrum, energy efficiency, and customization, ensuring your underwater paradise thrives.

Explore the innovative technology behind Azur Aqua Lights and watch as your aquatic inhabitants flourish under their radiant glow. Illuminate your aquarium with Azur Aqua Systems, and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of your underwater realm. Witness the transformation as your aquarium becomes a mesmerizing centerpiece in your home, radiating with the vibrancy of life.

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