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The Role Of Canister Filter in Aquarium

The Role Of Canister Filter in Aquarium

The Role Of Canister Filter

When I was looking into the filtration system I use for my aquarium I wasn’t aware that so many varieties are available out there.

My initial research began into this subject directed to the question that what is a canister filter for an aquarium?

So, there is a lot of information available, but I think that so many were not explained properly.

Well, I am here to fix this problem, so let’s begin it

What Is a Canister Filter?

Aquarium filters are used for the purpose of removing detritus, chemicals, and other poisonous materials from the water, including providing a bed for biological filtration to take place.

A canister filter is defined as a filter which has an external chamber, including various filter media, that pushes water from the aquarium itself with the combination of gravity and a rotor. The water gets filtered in the media and returned in the tank from an outlet. 

Why can we use Canister Filter?

So, there are so many reasons to use a canister filter, few of them will discuss below:

  • Get Rid Of Toxic Materials: Basically, all filters are used to clean water and to maintain a healthy environment for your fish. A regular mechanical filter will purify the debris and keep the water clean. But on the other hand, the canister filter will also purify the toxic materials. And ensuring that there is no harmful material present in the water which affects the health of your fish.

If your canister has a biological filter, it will purify the organic harmful matter from the water. And these poisonous matters can form in the tank with time as your fish urinate or even just breath.

  • They have a large water Holding capacity: No matter what type of aquarium and how large it is, there is a canister filter which fulfils all your needs. One of the most important advantages of the canister filter is they can be designed to hold 400 gallons of water. 
  • The number of baskets and how much water they can hold is totally based on the type of filter you choose for your aquarium. But if you have a large aquarium then a canister filter is the best choice. I bet this filter will not let you down.
  • You Get the More Control Over the Aquarium Environment: The best canister filter will have biological, chemical and mechanical filters in it. 

The Biological filters, as we declare in the first point, they removed the poisonous organic matter from the water.

The Chemical filters acidify the water, which can help if you want your fish to reproduce.

The Mechanical filters will purify the debris and other particles that might have been building up in the aquarium water.

You can adjust the settings, for the filtration process you need. You can also peruse varieties of brands to find the water directions that you want. Anything from bottom-to-top, top-to-bottom, back-to-front, centre-out or outside-in.

  • You Won’t Lose Fish Or Water: If you used a power filter then you noticed that you lose a lot of water during the cleaning process. The water is exposed in the air on its way back to the tank. So, evaporation is not on your side.

The canister filter will work differently. They return water through a spray bar, which empties directly into the tank and not evaporated.

Power filter also needs to have a big opening at the top of the tank to work easily or properly. If you ignore the water levels, then this could end up being a handy escape hatch for your fish.

  • A canister filter is Quiet: So many people place their aquarium in their room where they can spend a lot of time. So, if you have a noisy filter, your aquarium will be more irritating than calming. The pump and the motor of a power filter are very noisy.

On the other hand, the canister filter is very quiet. They don’t make noise while working, so you can place your aquarium where you want without any worry about the noise.

  • They lock and unlock Easily: If you use your filter for a couple of months, then you’ll have to clean it for sure. Although the canister filter is complicated itself. But it was made to be user friendly so that you don’t have to face so many issues when its time to clean. It has a handle to easily carry it and has a simple lock and unlock system to remove the filter from the aquarium.
  • Durability: When you choose a filter for your aquarium, you want to avoid buying a new filter in just one or two years. So, the canister filter has good durability. Yes, they are a little bit more costly than a power filter. However, the canister filter will pay for itself over time. 

Benefits of Canister Filters

The canister filter is definitely one of the best filter types available for the general hobbyists. Canister filters provide better water flow through the filter media than other filters available. One more benefit of using a canister filter over other filters  because they are really customizable. Most of the canister filters come with 2-4 media trays or compartments which allows you to customize according to your needs and demands. 

Multiple filter media allows aquaristes to efficiently use chemical, mechanical and biological filters in just one canister filter which is really a great advantage. It also allows healthy bacterias to grow inside your aquarium. The high water flow and bigger compartments help to maintain a good waterflow in your aquarium. 

There are many canister filters available for you to buy, but make sure to buy one which suits your aquarium. It’s definitely not bad to buy a big canister filter for your aquarium but make sure it’s not that much big. Remember that the water flow in canister filters is generally stronger than in the power filters.

The canister filter is extremely versatile which means it is mostly suited on a wide range of aquariums available. These filters are useful for saltwater tanks, fresh water tanks and also for turtle tanks which are much messier than fish tanks. 

Canister filters are one of the very efficient filters if used and maintained properly. Canister filters give you the advantage of selecting the type of filteration according to your need which is better as you don’t get stuck with that basic manufacturer’s media cartridges. Remember that canister filters have low maintenance than the power filter. 

Canister filters can be easily configured to provide different kinds of filteration including – biological, chemical, mechanical. 

Some Advantages Of Canister Filters are

  • Offers very effective filteration
  • Canister Filters can easily remove particles in the water
  • Easy to maintain water quality with chemical filteration
  • Easy to set up
  • Canister filters are quiet as compared to other filters
  • More Filter Customization

Maintenance for Canister Filters

Maintenance of canister filters mainly vary from one brand to others. The canister filters allow you to use a variety of filter media including baskets, cartridges, media bags and some isolated chambers that you can easily use. You need to check the manufacturers recommendations for the type of filter media you are using as some of the media need to be rinsed out regularly and some of them need to be replaced. Also you need to regularly clean the tubes and the pump of the canister filter.

Canister filters are best when taken care and maintained properly. 

How often we should clean our canister filter

We all have decided or scheduled time for when we need to clean our aquarium, this includes weekly water change with large water changing once a month including the filter media. But how often you should clean your water tank filter. It’s simple if we want our tank filter to remain clean and healthy, then you need to add cleaning your water tank filter in your cleaning schedule.

Some basic tools you need to clean your Canister Filter

  • Toothbrush to scrub the algae
  • Sink or hose-high pressure top wash the best of your canister filter
  • Towel
  • An optional bucket of aquarium water

Some Basic tips for cleaning your aquarium filters

When cleaning your filter you definitely want to get rid of the accumulated debris and rotting organic material inside your water tank. But you need to be very careful so that you don’t kill the beneficial bacteria. Always avoid using very hot water also, do not use any soaps or bleach as these things can easily kill your biological system.

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