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What Is The Importance Of CO2 In Planted Aquarium?

What Is The Importance Of CO2 In Planted Aquarium?

Nobody has to spell out how crucial carbon dioxide is for plant growth. Carbon dioxide is available in gaseous form; however, it can be dissolved in water unlike oxygen. This carbon dioxide acts as a nutritional basis and is augmented through light along with micro and macronutrients in aquatic plants. It is vital to maintain a balance amongst all these elements, which makes it possible for plants to grow in CO2 aquariums. The process of photosynthesis is highly amusing, where light energy binds the water from the tank with carbon dioxide to produce nutrition (sugar) for plants. So, let’s take a deeper and in-depth look into the significance of carbon dioxide in planted aquariums. 

The Role Of Carbon Dioxide In Planted Aquariums

In order to preserve your planted tank and ensure its nourishment, your tank might require a special substrate like carbon dioxide. Everyone wishes to own a planted tank that is thriving with life and vibrancy. However, there lies a major challenge in achieving such results. One has to understand the requirements of a plant. Yes, some plants have the potential to be alive if you simply plant them in the gravel, but to possess a tank that is heavily planted, the necessities change. For your plants to grow inside a tank, they need a regular and constant supply of nutrients, and this can be available through carbon dioxide and light. Your plants will fail to survive if there is no carbon dioxide in the aquarium. 

Let Your Plants Thrive and Fish Breathe

Why does one wish to have plants in an aquarium in India? Is it only for the purpose of elevating the aesthetics of an aquarium? The benefits of having plants in an aquarium are beyond improving the appeal of it. Plants offer fishes a place to hide and provide them with a supplemental form of food. However, one must not forget the end result of cellular restoration in live plants is oxygen, which fishes are in need of. When the oxygen levels in a tank drop, fishes start to experience several physical symptoms, all associated with oxygen deprivation. Have you ever seen your fishes gasping for breath near the surface? This is a sign that your fishes are dying and are in need of immediate help. The best way to take care of this is by adding several live plants in the aquarium along with a carbon dioxide tank. 

What Is The Primary Requirement Of A Healthy Aquarium?

The basic requirements of any healthy planted tank are carbon dioxide and lighting. Aquarium plants happen to be photosynthetic organisms; this means biological processes are fueled by using the energy received from light. Subsequently, plants need to prepare their own food, which can only be possible with the presence of carbon dioxide. When plants in an aquarium start to grow, they consume every trace of carbon dioxide present in it. This means you will have to supplement CO2 in your aquarium in order to keep your heavily planted tank alive. 

How Beneficial Are CO2 Aquariums For Plants?

The primary objective of having an aquarium at home is to create a magnificent replica of a healthy ecosystem. Something that resembles a sea, lake, or pond, however, this will be in an enclosed space inside your home. There are several constraints of a planted aquarium, which can be overcome if there is enough water, airflow, and space. Without a shadow of a doubt, one can say that inserting carbon dioxide in an aquarium in India has come a very long way since the 90s. Today, you will find a variety of ways to inject carbon dioxide in a planted aquarium. The common way to do so is by liquid or gas injection. Aerosol, pressurized, or yeast-based system – these are primary means to administer carbon dioxide. 

The best way to deliver carbon dioxide in a planted aquarium is via a pressurized carbon dioxide system. It is highly reliable too. One can elevate the level of carbon dioxide output, which in turn proves to be beneficial for plants. 

Things To Remember

Your aquarium fish need high-quality water in order to be alive. As for your live plants, adequate carbon dioxide and sufficient light are vital. From changing the water every now and then to testing your water after frequent intervals – you have to actively take part in the maintenance of a CO2 aquarium. 

Ending Thoughts

Carbon being a fundamental element is the basis of all life forms on our planet, including the underwater world. The foliage in your aquarium can only survive with the addition of carbon dioxide. As carbon dioxide converts light into food/energy – its importance can’t be overlooked. Check out the flourishing growth of your plants by using carbon dioxide in your aquarium.

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