Is Aquario Neo Soil Good?

Is Aquario Neo Soil Good?
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Aquario Neo Soil

Neo soil is a type of substrate that is commonly used in planted aquariums. It is a unique type of soil that is specifically designed to provide the perfect environment for aquatic plants to thrive. Neo soil is made of a combination of clay and volcanic ash, which provides a variety of important benefits for plants.

One of the main benefits of neo soil is that it provides a high level of nutrient retention. The clay and volcanic ash in neo soil act as a natural sponge, which allows it to hold onto nutrients that would otherwise be lost in the water column. This means that plants have a constant supply of nutrients to help them grow and thrive.

Another benefit of neo soil is that it helps to maintain a healthy pH level in the aquarium. The clay and volcanic ash in neo soil help to buffer the water, which means that it can help to maintain a stable pH level for the plants. This is particularly important for plants that require a specific pH range to grow properly.

Neo soil also helps to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. The porous nature of the soil provides a perfect environment for beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. These bacteria play a vital role in breaking down waste products and helping to keep the water clean and clear.

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What are the Properties of Aquario Neo Soil

Aquario Neo Soil is a planted aquarium soil or aquasoil as we may call it. It helps buffer pH suitable for plants and inhabitants that prefer acidic conditions. Aquario neo soil also comes with dormant bacteria, which gets activated upon contact with water. This makes the cycling period much lesser while starting a planted tank or shirmp tank. Neo soil is packed with necessary nutrients and hence, would help establish aquatic plant ecosystem without much hussles, though dosing Fe (Iron) and K (Potassium) form day 1 is recommended.

Does Neo Soil break down easily?

Aquario neo aquarium soil, retains its form for a very long period. Infact, neo soil or any good aquasoil, will retain its form, with proper GH is maintained in the tank. Neo soil, is a compact soil and hence, you much expect mixed granular sizes in the soil bag. Neo soil will show some dirt accumulation in the beginning but gets cleaned by quickly.

Why is Aquario Neo Soil , the Best Aquasoil?

Neo soil to us, is the best aquasoil simply because:

  • It reduces aquarium cycling time
  • Provides better rooting for aquatic plants
  • CAC is far superior, which helps in delaying addition of root tabs
  • Ph buffer is perfect
  • No need to use additional powder soil as its packed with different granule sizes

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