How to purchase aquarium products online in India

How to purchase aquarium products online in India

How to purchase aquarium products online in India

India is seeing a boom in aquarium hobby , especially on planted aquarium setup and maintenance segment. As a result many importers in India has brought in many international aquarium accessories brands to India to cater to the demanding and varied requirements of Indian aquarium hobbyists .

While it is a great thing to have all brands in the market , as a hobbyists one must be careful from where the aquarium accessories are purchased from . A seller who possesses adequate knowledge about the hobby , keeps up to the warranty promises and capable of sourcing spare parts is the best place you could by your aquarium accessories from .

Aquarium Products Online India


It’s a fact that most of the local fish shops and traders of aquarium products in India are mere trades . They often do not have even basic knowledge in the hobby . This makes them handicapped , leaving them with no chance of testing and understanding any product they sell . Customers also gets mislead by such sellers .

Lately , aquarium hobbyists are realising the need to tag along knowledgeable sellers and are demanding knowledge based product curation and suggestions . A new segment of seller are in rise , who possess expertise in aquarium hobby .

Warranty Support

Importers bring in the aquarium products to India . Some do support warranty claims and sadly , some makes the retailers and shop keepers run around . Getting the promised warranty claims on time is very important .

Since none of the international brands have a local place of business or local office in India , and since customers are solicited by the retailers , the retailer from whom you buy your products for aquariums should be capable of fullfilling warranty claims them self . It is always a tedious route to reach out to the brand and the importer for warranty . Back Water Aquatics provides own warranty to all products that it sells .

Spare Parts

The seller must be connected enough through the network to source spare parts for any after sales support of the products that you purchase. Else you may end up having a junk of equipments as a bi product of your hobby.

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