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Best Aquarium Light for 3 feet tanks or 90cm Tanks

With the aquarium hobby gaining popularity and , with technological advancements and improvements , the hunt for the best aquarium light isn’t getting any easier .

For any aquarium , a light is really important as after all aquariums are built for us to watch , relax and enjoy . However , not all lights are suitable for every kind of aquariums . The purpose , scape and your budget decides what suits you the best .

Kinds of aquariums and lights suitable for them .

If you are building a fish only aquarium , you might want to go for lights built for such fish only tanks . Lights for fish only aquariums are mild , cheap and it let’s you enjoy the fishes . Even with in this category, you can find special lights such as Tica Colour Up Lights that enhances fish colours and doesn’t colour up the tank.

On the other hand , if you making a planted aquariums , it’s a bit complicated .

For lowtech tanks you have low intensity lights .

For high tech tanks you have high intensity lights and also, you do now a days get something that goes inbetween these two . Chihiros wrgb2 , Slim and Pro lights are examples of these .

Best Planted Tank Lights for 90cm.

5. Azur Nova 3 – Probably the best interms of results and budget . Down side is it’s build quality and looks.

4. Chihiros Slim 90– Suitable and best light for low tech and a bit of medium demanding plants . Build quantity is unmatched and it’s the budget wrgb model from Chihiros .

3. Chihiros Wrgb Pro 90 – The best interms of power and output . However we are giving it 3rd rank just because most of the 90cm tanks are of 45cm height and for that, one need not spend such and get a chihiros Wrgb Pro series light . If your tank is more than 45cm in height you probably won’t have another better lights that this chihiros Wrgb Pro 90. Most expensive of the list but the most powerful too .

2. Chihiros A2 Max Led Lights : Are you on a budget but still would like to get a high tech light ? Ready to compromise on the RGB concept and go with a white full spectrum light ? Chihiros A2 max is just for you . Best light for it’s budget and it’s quite impressive as well . You can have any kind of scape with this light . It’s the 2nd in our ranking because it offers value for money and doesn’t compromise on results .

  1. Chihiros WRGB 2 90 : The best for a 3 feet aquarium . Wrgb , awesome power , value for money . The best high tech aquarium light one can get hands on without any doubt .

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