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Aquario Neo Co2 System Complete Kit


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Aquario NEO CO2 DIY CO2 Kit is the perfect CO2 system for beginners. Carbon is an important nutrient needed by plants to grow. The best way to supply your plants with the carbon they need is through carbon dioxide (CO2). The Aquario NEO DIY CO2 Kit is the perfect solution to your CO2 needs. The simple instructions and ease of use allow any beginner or experienced hobbyist to achieve the best plant growth by introducing CO2 to their aquarium. The Aquario NEO CO2 DIY CO2 Kit utilizes a natural and proven concept to provide the right amount of CO2 suitable for planted aquariums for up to 50-60 days. We recommend using one bottle for every 20 gallons of water, so if your tank is larger, multiple bottles can be used concurrently.

This kit comes with everything you need to start injecting CO2 to your aquarium:

Bacteria Powder x 4 pc
Silicon ring x 1 No
Co2 diffuser mini x 1 No
Rubber sucker x 2 pc
Hose x 1 No

How Neo CO2 works?

Neo CO2 helps grow aquatic plants by continuously supplying co2 which is essential for growth at the lowest cost.

The origin of Neo CO2

C6H12O6 => 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 + 2ATP

Neo CO2 supplies Co2 stably Co2 stably for about 50 days.

Features of Neo CO2

1. Top-fermenting

Neo CO2 is fermented only on the side jelly and water contact, which makes proper amount of co2 production last longer as the micro-organism eats the nutrition jelly from the upside to the downside.

2. Stabilization technology for bacteria and special culture material

Thanks to AQUARIO Co.’s high technology、 Aquario NEO CO2 developed/introduced stabilize bacteria technology、keeps Co2 production about 50 days.

3. Reusable

Neo CO2 reproduces CO2, if only the jelly is still left with a simple process.

4. Perfect components

Neo CO2 contains all parts necessary for co2 generation and use such as hose and diffuser

5. World’s best diffuser

The Neo CO2 Set includes original Neo Diffuser, the world’s highest quality.


Step 1: Water

Put 300ml of warm water (About 30℃. Hot water 50%+ normal water 50%) into the container.

Step 2: Shake

After closing the cap, shake at least 100 times until thoroughly mixed.

Step 3: Wait

Allow the bottle to sit for 24 hours without interruption or disturbance. The liquid will thicken into a gel-like consistency.

Step 4: Activate

Put in 1 NEO CO2 Bio packet and 1 cup (about 200ml) of room temperature water around 77°. Install the reaction cap onto the bottle, no shaking is required.  Connect the flexible tubing on one end to the reaction cap and the other through the suction cup and onto the diffuser. Place the diffuser into your aquarium and wait.

Step 5: Repeat

When CO2 output slows down or stops completely, remove the cap and pour the liquid out. Repeat steps 3 to 4 until the gel is fully consumed.


The DIY CO2 Kit by Aquario is designed for aquariums 10 to 30 gallons.  For smaller tanks, you run the risk of providing too much Co2 and depleting oxygen levels which can be deadly for your fish and shrimp. If you choose to use it on nano tanks smaller than 10 gallons, we recommend running an air pump when the lights are off or if you notice your fish gasping at the surface. If you don’t have an air pump, creating any surface agitation in the water will also provide oxygen to degas excessive CO2.

Usage life can vary depending on the temperature. The recommended room temperature ranges from 68° to 86°. The higher the temperature, the faster the CO2 depletes itself and the shorter the duration of usage.

Gas output is non-adjustable, we do not recommend the use of needle valves, solenoids, or any other devices which can cause damage.

Do not tilt or shake the bottle during operation in order to prevent reaction liquid from getting into the aquarium. Minor amounts of alcohol may be produced from the solution, which is normal and harmless. In the event that any reaction liquid leaks into the aquarium, an oxygen deficiency can occur but a simple 30-50% water change will correct the issue. Running an air pump to degas some CO2 will also help.

Clean and remove any gel that forms on the bottleneck before initial use to prevent build-up or jamming at the gas outlet. If any reaction liquid is found inside the flexible tubing, simply clean it with water.

Once the CO2 has been exhausted, you can refill the bottles using the Aquario Neo Co2 Refill kit!

Period time for use and Recommended aquarium :

Summer about 40days, Winter about 60days, Up to 60cm of aquarium

Precaution :

  1. Never disconnect the hose or open the cap before CO2 is generated. This significantly delays or disables co2 generation.
  2. Never shake after the content has turned into jelly.
  3. Never use any valves to control the amount and time of Co2 generation.
  4. The quantity of Co2 decreases slowly as time passes
  5. The result of normal fermentation, Liquid on top of jelly smells of soiled wine.
  6. Below 15℃, Co2 cannot be produced
  7. When the hose or diffuser stuck with the contents by the user’s carelessness, please stop using and carefully open the cap in somewhere like bathroom. And connect the syringe to the hose and remove the contents. After that, immerse it in the bleach diluent.
  8. Keep out of reach of children and pet.

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