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India’s only CX based aquarium store

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our ENglish & Hindi

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our Malayalam
Youtube Channel

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MasterLine Ferts

Back Water recommends and guarantees on masterline ferts for its results!

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Tracy ann benson

Ph: +917356929777

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Rijo John

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Tintu K Thomas

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Filtration is the heart of any aquarium. Filter plays very critical role in establishing the balance in nature aquarium or fish tanks. Choose the filter that fits your requirement.

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Filter Media

A filter for aquarium is never complete without a good filter media. Choose high quality filter media to support the tank chemistry and maintance the biological balance

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Soil & Substrates

Apart from providing the right nutrients, plants rooting systems soil and substrates play a vital role in the entire aquarium’s filtration

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Plants need to photosynthesis to produce food and thrive. Any light wont help , choose the apt brand and light for your tank and plants.

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Get super awesome packing and safe delivery

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Click the whatsapp button below this screen and get awesome support on the go!

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Our product experts are available to discuss and clarify any doubts you may have before buying a product.

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