Sunsun UVC Clarifying Light CUV-236


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This equipment can kill the harmfull germs and algae in the aquarium and the pond which offers the healthy environment
When the water under the irradiation of wavelength in 2537nm’s ultraviolet radiation in a short perido,the germs and pathogen in wated will be killed then
This equipment is not sell with the pump ,please buy the pump
Please connect the inlet pipe with the outlet opf the water pump Connect the outlet pipe witrh the other filter or the pond and fix it
After the the inspection of the pipe and the connecting part,the water circulation can be started then Check it when the water started circulation or not after several minutes


The UVCfilter should placed in somewhere that the water will not submergeit,and it should be 2meters distance from the edge of the pond to the filter This use cannot be used under water
Please make sure that the electrical voltage ,frequence used are consistent with the indication on the scutcheon of the UV
Mahe sure the maximum pressure of the body shell endured is less than 03 bar When installing the UV filter ,please not let it under sunlight
UVC is harmful to the and skin,don’t watch UVCdirectly or let the skin approch to the UVC The product must be installed horizontally and with the feet down ,other positions are prohibited for safety reasons


Model: CUV-236

Power: 36 W

UV-C: 36 W

Capacity: 45000 liters

Through Flow: 6000

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